Literature and Economics at Chicago

I’m giving a talk next Friday (5/22) on literature and economic geography as part of Richard Jean So and Hoyt Long’s Cultural Analytics conference at Chicago. (Talking econ at Chicago. That’s not terrifying at all!) The list of speakers is really impressive, present company excluded. If you’re in or near Chicago, hope to see you there.

My talk will be closely related to my recent lecture at Kansas, video of which is available on YouTube (and embedded below). There’s also some enlightening discussion on Facebook; you might need to be friends with Richard So to see it, but you should be friends with him anyway …

Looking forward to seeing folks in Chicago!

2 thoughts on “Literature and Economics at Chicago

  1. I found a small book, green cover, “Cornelio; or The False Vocation. ” Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1868, by P. O’Shea, In the clerk’s office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York. It belonged to my mother and a great aunt of hers. Can you tell me anything about it? With it was also a small red book, “Evangeline”, by H. W. Longfellow, copyright 1893.

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