This page contains datasets, reusable research products, and supplemental materials for my work.

Publication Data

Wilkens, Matthew. “Measuring Sites of Literary Memory.” MLA Roundtable, 11 Jan 2015.

Santin, Bryan, Daniel Murphy, and Matthew Wilkens. “Is or Are: The ‘United States’ in Nineteenth-Century Print Culture” (2015, under review).

Wilkens, Matthew. “The Geographic Imagination of Civil War Era American Fiction.” American Literary History (25.4, 2013, pp. 803-40).

  • A listing of the texts included in the corpus.
  • The full results (.csv.bz2, 1.2MB). This is a CSV file containing all 142,706 location occurrences with full bibliographic and geographic information.


See also the Resources section at Uses of Scale.