ALH Corpus Listing

A listing of the 1,050 texts included in the corpus for my article “The Geographic Imagination of Civil War Era Fiction” in ALH (25.4, 2013, pp. 803-40). Also available as a CSV file.

Author Title Date
A. J. G. The old distillery, or, Hope Archer 1865
A. R. B. Agnes Arlington, or, Life, times, troubles, tribulations, and sad end of Agnes Arlington, the cotton planter’s daughter… an autobiographical narrative 1854
Abbot, Belle K. Leah Mordecai 1875
Abbott, Jacob Autographs for freedom 1854
Abbott, L. A. Seven wives and seven prisons, or, Experiences in the life of a matrimonial monomaniac 1870
Abbott, Lyman Laicus, or, the experiences of a layman in a country parish 1872
Aconite, Tobias. A narrative of startling interest!! Edward Barnett, a neglected child of South Carolina, who rose to be a peer of Great Britain, and the stormy life of his grandfather, Captain Williams, or The earl’s victims 1855
Adams, F. Colburn The Von Toodleburgs, or the history of a very distinguished family 1868
Adams, F. Colburn Justice in the by-ways 1856
Adams, F. Colburn The life and adventures of Maj. Roger Sherman Potter 1858
Adams, F. Colburn Manuel Pereira, or, The Sovereign rule of South Carolina, with views of southern laws, life, and hospitality 1853
Adams, F. Colburn Our world, or, The slaveholder’s daughter 1855
Adams, F. Colburn An outcast, or, Virtue and faith 1861
Adams, F. Colburn Siege of Washington, D.C. 1867
Adams, H. A., Mrs. Dawn 1868
Adams, John S. Town and country, or, Life at home and abroad, without and within us 1855
Adams, John Turvill The knight of the golden melice 1857
Adams, John Turvill The lost hunter 1856
Adams, Mrs. J. S. Allegories of life 1872
Adams, Nehemiah Bertha and her baptism 1857
Adams, Nehemiah Catharine 1859
Addison, Alvin. Ellen Walton, or, The villain and his victims 1855
Alcott, Louisa May Hospital sketches 1863
Alcott, Louisa May Hospital sketches ; and Camp and fireside stories 1869
Alcott, Louisa May Work 1873
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey Out of his head 1862
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey Père Antoine’s date palm 1866
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey Gifts of genius 1859
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey Daisy’s necklace, and what came of it 1857
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey Marjorie Daw 1873
Alfredus. The needle-woman 1871
Alger, Horatio Timothy Crump’s ward 1866
Allen, Martha. Day-dreams 1852
Allen, William G. Autographs for freedom 1853
Almore, Casper Papers from Overlook-House 1866
Anderson, Florence. Zenaida 1858
Anonymous Brisée 1862
Anonymous The Startling and thrilling narrative of the dark and terrible deeds of Henry Madison 1857
Anonymous The Day after to-morrow 1871
Anonymous Dora, the heroine of the Cumberland, or, The American Amazon 1864
Anonymous The eventful lives of Helen and Charlotte Lenoxa 1853
Anonymous The mother rewarded and the son reclaimed 1851
Anonymous The Birthday gifts 1867
Anonymous Gerard Carlton 1866
Anonymous Claremont, or, The undivided household 1857
Anonymous The match-girl, or, Life scenes as they are 1855
Anonymous Arrest, confession and suicide of Almira Cathcart … 1869
Anonymous Baffled schemes 1867
Anonymous The Fatal secret, or, Crime and retribution! 1852
Anonymous The Chronicles of the \Great Peace Jubilo\ 1869
Anonymous The Great \Trunk Mystery\ of New York City 1871
Anonymous The museum of perilous adventures and daring exploits 1858
Anonymous The modern Niobe, or, Leoni Loudon 1864
Anonymous Behind the curtain 1853
Anonymous The Arch fiend, or, The life, confession, and execution of Green H. Long … 1852
Anonymous Esperanza 1860
Anonymous The double suicide 1855
Anonymous Broken columns 1863
Anonymous The Career of John Mortal 1859
Anonymous The Beauty of woman’s faith 1859
Anonymous The masked lady of the White House, or, The Ku-Klux-Klan 1868
Anonymous The amorous intrigues and adventures of Aaron Burr 1861
Anonymous My confession 1855
Anonymous The Frontiersmen 1854
Anonymous The modern story-teller, or, The best stories of the best authors, now first collected 1856
Anonymous Cornelio, or, The false vocation 1863
Anonymous Estelle Grant, or, The lost wife 1855
Anonymous Maga stories 1867
Anonymous Brook Farm 1860
Anonymous The night watch, or, Social life in the South 1856
Anonymous Fearful adventures in Pennsylvania’s wilds, or, The startling narrative of Adelaide Lane 1857
Anonymous Southern and South-Western sketches 1855
Anonymous The Montgomerys 1856
Anonymous Archibald Cameron, or, Heart trials 1852
Anonymous The life of General M. D. Stanley 1854
Anonymous [\The Derienni\, or, Land pirates of the isthmus] 1853
Anonymous Our novel 1874
Anonymous Anna, Louisa, and Nannie, or, The three victims 1859
Anonymous The autobiography of a married woman 1859
Anonymous The female skeptic, or, Faith triumphant 1859
Anonymous The chained wife, or, The frightful sufferings of Mary Lesley 1874
Anonymous Blanche Seymour 1873
Anonymous Dora Grafton, or, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ 1856
Anonymous The Baked head, and other tales 1856
Anonymous Brother Mason, the circuit rider, or, Ten years a Methodist preacher 1858
Anonymous The Autobiography of Charles Moore 1854
Anonymous The Adopted daughter, or, The trials of Sabra 1858
Anonymous The Female volunteer, or, The life, and wonderful adventures of Miss Eliza Allen, a young lady of Eastport, Maine. 1851
Appell, Theron B. Belshazzar, or, The fall of Babylon 1861
Appell, Theron B. The knight of Castile 1862
Argyle, Anna. The general’s daughter 1869
Argyle, Anna. Olive Lacey 1874
Argyle, Anna. The Cecilias, or, The force of circumstances 1866
Argyle, Archie. Cupid’s album 1866
Armstrong, H. S. Trifles for the Christmas holidays 1869
Arnold, Alexander Streeter The Benson family 1869
Arnold, Augustus C. L. The signet of King Solomon, or, The Templar’s daughter 1860
Arrington, Alfred W. The rangers and regulators of the Tanaha, or, Life among the lawless 1856
Arthur, T. S. Trials and confessions of a housekeeper 1859
Arthur, T. S. The home mission 1853
Arthur, T. S. Off-hand sketches 1851
Arthur, T. S. Sunshine at home, and other stories 1864
Arthur, T. S. The good time coming 1855
Arthur, T. S. Lizzy Glenn, or, The trials of a seamstress 1859
Arthur, T. S. The angel and the demon 1860
Arthur, T. S. What came afterwards 1865
Arthur, T. S. Seed-time and harvest, or, Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap 1851
Arthur, T. S. The tried and the tempted 1851
Arthur, T. S. Home scenes, and home influence 1854
Arthur, T. S. The old man’s bride 1853
Arthur, T. S. The tavern-keeper’s victims, or, Six nights with the Washingtonians 1860
Arthur, T. S. Growler’s income tax 1864
Arthur, T. S. The lost bride, or, The astrologer’s prophecy fulfilled 1866
Arthur, T. S. The angel of the household 1854
Arthur, T. S. What can woman do? 1856
Arthur, T. S. Sowing the wind and other stories 1865
Arthur, T. S. True riches, or, Wealth without wings 1852
Arthur, T. S. The iron rule, or, Tyranny in the household 1853
Arthur, T. S. Orange blossoms, fresh and faded 1871
Arthur, T. S. Ten nights in a bar-room, and what I saw there 1854
Arthur, T. S. The hand but not the heart, or, The life-trials of Jessie Loring 1858
Arthur, T. S. Married life 1852
Arthur, T. S. Before and after the election, or, The political experiences of Mr. Patrick Murphy 1853
Arthur, T. S. The withered heart 1857
Arthur, T. S. Sparing to spend, or, The Loftons and Pinkertons 1853
Arthur, T. S. After a shadow, and other stories 1868
Arthur, T. S. Twenty years ago, and now 1860
Arthur, T. S. Leaves from the book of human life 1855
Arthur, T. S. Three years in a man-trap 1872
Arthur, T. S. Heart-histories and life-pictures 1853
Arthur, T. S. Confessions of a housekeeper 1852
Arthur, T. S. Words for the wise 1851
Arthur, T. S. Steps towards heaven, or, Religion in common life 1858
Arthur, T. S. After the storm 1868
Arthur, T. S. The two wives, or, Lost and won 1851
Arthur, T. S. Lessons in life 1851
Arthur, T. S. Our neighbors in the corner house 1866
Arthur, T. S. Tom Blinn’s Temperance Society, and other tales 1870
Arthur, T. S. Hidden wings, and other stories 1865
Arthur, T. S. Not anything for peace, and other stories 1869
Arthur, T. S. Danger, or, Wounded in the house of a friend / 1875
Arthur, T. S. Stories for parents 1851
Arthur, T. S. All’s for the best 1869
Arthur, T. S. The way to prosper, or, In union there is strength 1851
Arthur, T. S. Light on shadowed paths 1864
Arthur, T. S. Out in the world 1864
Arthur, T. S. Trial and triumph, or, Firmness in the household 1855
Arthur, T. S. Home lights and shadows 1853
Arthur, T. S. Nothing but money 1865
Arthur, T. S. Stories for young housekeepers 1851
Arthur, T. S. The Allen house, or, Twenty years ago and now 1860
Arthur, T. S. The lights and shadows of real life 1851
Arthur, T. S. The peacemaker, and other stories 1869
Asheton, Francis. A modern Cressida / 1875
Ashland, Aria. The rebel scout 1855
Austin, Jane G. Cipher 1869
Austin, Jane G. Outpost 1867
Austin, Jane G. The shadow of Moloch Mountain 1870
Author of Union to Christ. Cottage piety exemplified 1869
Avery, M. A. The rebel general’s loyal bride 1874
Avery, Samuel Putnam The harp of a thousand strings, or, Laughter for a lifetime 1858
Avery, Samuel Putnam Mrs. Partington’s carpet-bag of fun 1854
Azile. Dora Raymond, or, Truth triumphant 1863
B. T. The beautiful Jewess, Rachel Mendoza 1853
Babcock, Retta B. Clemence 1870
Babcock, Rufus The emigrant’s mother 1871
Badeau, Adam The vagabond 1859
Baer, B. F. (Benjamin F.), Mrs. Irene, or, Beach-broken billows 1875
Baer, Warren. Champagne Charlie! or, The \Sports\ of New-York 1868
Bagby, George William The letters of Mozis Addums to Billy Ivvins 1862
Bagby, George William Mozis Addums’ new letters. 1860
Bailey, James M. Life in Danbury 1873
Bailey, Margaret Jewett The grains, or, Passages in the life of Ruth Rover 1854
Baker, William M. Mose Evans 1874
Baker, William M. The new Timothy 1870
Baldwin, Isaac. The wonderful adventures and horrible disclosures of a Louisville policeman 1852
Baldwin, Joseph G. The flush times of Alabama and Mississippi 1853
Ballou, Maturin Murray The sea-witch, or, The African quadroon 1855
Ballou, Maturin Murray The Turkish spies Ali Abubeker Kaled and Zenobia Marrita Mustapha, or, The Mohammedan prophet of 1854 1855
Ballou, Maturin Murray The gipsey daughter, or, The fortunes of a Spanish cavalier 1851
Banvard, Joseph Priscilla, or, Trials for the truth 1854
Barber, Joseph. War letters of a disbanded volunteer 1864
Barclay, Geo. Lippard \Little Cuba,\ or, Circumstantial evidence 1873
Barker, B. The bandit of the ocean, or, The female privateer 1855
Barlow, D. H. The Howards 1851
Barnard, Charles The strawberry garden 1871
Barnard, Charles Camilla: a tale of a violin 1874
Barnard, Charles Farming by inches, or, \With brains, Sir\ 1869
Barnard, Charles Gardening for money 1869
Barnard, Charles Money and music 1874
Barnard, Charles My ten-rod farm, or, How I became a florist 1869
Barnard, Charles The soprano 1869
Barnes, Euphemia. Ellen Durand 1855
Barnes, Josiah. The old inn, or, The travellers’ entertainment 1855
Barrell, George. Bubbles of fiction 1852
Barrington, Charles F. Emily, or, The orphan sisters 1853
Barrington, Charles F. Nancy Waterman, or, Woman’s faith triumphant 1853
Bartlett, C. A., Mrs. Lillie Ray, or, Every cloud has a silver lining 1874
Bartlett, Napier Clarimonde 1863
Bartlett, Napier Stories of the Crescent City 1869
Bartol, Mary. Honor May 1866
Barton, K. Io 1851
Bascom, Dick. The carpet-bagger in Tennessee 1869
Bates, Lizzie. Downward and upward 1871
Bates, Lizzie. The Gabled House, or, Self-Sacrifice 1869
Bates, Lizzie. Had you been in his place 1873
Bates, Lizzie. How it was paid 1871
Beal, Nathan Stone Reed Diamond leaves from the lives of the Dimond family 1872
Bean, Francis A. An allegory 1872
Beckwith, J. R., Mrs. The Winthrops 1864
Beebe, Carrie D. Violets 1873
Beecher, Henry Ward Norwood, or, Village life in New England 1868
Beecher, Henry Ward, Mrs. From dawn to daylight, or, The simple story of a western home 1859
Belisle, D. W. The American family Robinson, or, The adventures of a family lost in the great desert of the West 1854
Belisle, Orvilla S. The Arch Bishop, or, Romanism in the United States 1855
Belisle, Orvilla S. The prophets, or, Mormonism unveiled 1855
Bell, Alfreda Eva. Boadicea 1855
Bell, Alfreda Eva. The rebel cousins, or, Life and love in Secessia 1864
Belmont, Cara. The city side, or, Passages from a pastor’s portfolio 1854
Benauly. Cone cut corners 1855
Benauly. Matthew Caraby 1859
Bendbow, Hesper. More than she could bear 1872
Benedict, Frank Lee Miss Dorothy’s charge 1873
Benedict, Frank Lee Miss Van Kortland 1870
Benedict, Frank Lee Mr. Vaughan’s heir 1875
Benedict, Frank Lee St. Simon’s niece 1875
Benedict, Frank Lee John Worthington’s name 1874
Benjamin, S. G. W. The choice of Paris 1870
Bennett, Emerson The fair rebel 1853
Bennett, Emerson The artist’s bride, or, The pawnbroker’s heir 1856
Bennett, Emerson Rosalie Du Pont, or, Treason in the camp 1851
Bennett, Emerson The female spy, or, Treason in the camp 1853
Bennett, Emerson The bandit queen 1869
Bennett, Emerson The unknown countess 1851
Bennett, Emerson Intriguing for a princess 1859
Bennett, Emerson The border rover 1857
Bennett, Emerson The unknown countess, or, Crime and its results 1854
Bennett, Emerson The orphan’s trials, or, Alone in a great city 1874
Bennett, Emerson The bride of the wilderness 1854
Bennett, Emerson Viola, or, Adventures in the far South-West 1852
Bennett, Emerson The outlaw’s daughter, or, Adventures in the South 1874
Bennett, Emerson Clara Moreland, or, Adventures in the far South-West 1853
Bennett, Emerson Walde-Warren 1852
Bennett, Emerson The phantom of the forest 1868
Bennett, Emerson Ellen Norbury, or, The adventures of an orphan 1855
Bennett, Emerson Alfred Morland, or The legacy 1855
Bennett, Emerson Wild scenes on the frontiers, or, Heroes of the West 1859
Bennett, Emerson The pioneer’s daughter ; The unknown countess 1851
Bennett, Mary E. Poems and tales 1851
Berkley, Cora. The Hamiltons, or Sunshine in storm 1856
Berlin, E. A. (Eliza Annie) Earth angels and hidden oppression, or, The life of little Annie 1868
Berriedale. Unforgiven 1869
Berry, Martha E. Bella, or, The cradle of liberty 1874
Bickford, J. T., Mrs. Scandal 1857
Bickley, Charles Powell. Garnelle, or, The rover’s oath of blood 1853
Bickley, George W. L. Adalaska, or, The strange and mysterious family of the Cave of Genreva 1853
Binder, William Earle. Madelon Hawley, or, The Jesuit and his victim 1857
Binder, William Earle. Viola, or, The triumphs of love and faith 1858
Blackson, Lorenzo D. The rise and progress of the kingdoms of light & darkness, or, The reign of Kings Alpha and Abadon 1867
Blake, Lillie Devereux Fettered for life, or, Lord and master 1874
Blake, Lillie Devereux Rockford, or, Sunshine and storm 1863
Blake, Lillie Devereux Southwold 1859
Bland, T. A. Farming as a profession, or, How Charles Loring made it pay 1870
Bland, William. The awful doom of the traitor, or The terrible fate of the deluded and guilty 1852
Blount, Margaret. A dangerous woman 1858
Blount, Margaret. Kitty Atherton, or, A broken life 1863
Blunt, Ellen Key Bread to my children 1856
Blunt, Ellen Key The ✗mas star for the poor 1856
Bogart, W. H. Quentin Durward 1869
Bolton, Sarah Knowles The present problem 1874
Bouton, John Bell Round the block 1864
Bowen, Sue Petigru Sylvia’s world ; Crimes which the law does not reach 1859
Bowen, Sue Petigru Busy moments of an idle woman 1854
Bowen, Sue Petigru Gerald Gray’s wife 1864
Bowen, Sue Petigru Lily 1855
Bowline, Charley. The iron tomb, or, The mock count of New York 1852
Bowman, Jacob L. You and Me; or, Sketches for Both of Us 1867
Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth A Norseman’s pilgrimage 1875
Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth Gunnar 1874
Brace, John Pierce The fawn of the pale faces, or, Two centuries ago 1853
Bradbury, Osgood. Jane Clark, or, Scenes in metropolitan life 1855
Bradbury, Osgood. Emily, the beautiful seamstress, or, The danger of the first step 1853
Bradbury, Osgood. The modern Othello, or, The guilty wife 1855
Bradbury, Osgood. The fair Quakeress, or The perjured lawyer 1857
Bradbury, Osgood. Agnes the beautiful, or, The gamblers’ conspiracy 1853
Bradbury, Osgood. The mutineer, or, Heaven’s vengeance 1857
Bradbury, Osgood. Female depravity, or, The house of death 1857
Bradbury, Osgood. Alice Barber, or, The adventures of a young woman 1853
Bradbury, Osgood. The mysterious foundling, or, The gamester’s fate 1857
Bradbury, Osgood. The flower of the forest, or, The discarded daughter 1857
Bradbury, Osgood. The banker’s victim or, The betrayed seamstress 1857
Bradbury, Osgood. The old distiller 1851
Bradbury, Osgood. The gambler’s league, or, The trials of a country maid 1857
Bradbury, Osgood. The beautiful half breed, or, The border rovers 1867
Bradbury, Osgood. The rival lovers, or, The midnight murder 1857
Bradbury, Osgood. The haunted castle, or, The abducted niece 1857
Bradbury, Osgood. Ellen, the pride of Broadway 1865
Bradford, Sarah H. The Linton family, or, The fashion of this world 1860
Bradford, Sarah H. Ups and downs, or, Silver Lake sketches 1854
Bradford, Sarah H. Lewie, or, The bended twig 1853
Bradley, James A. A story of Ocean Grove 1874
Bradshaw, Wesley General Sherman’s Indian spy 1865
Bradshaw, Wesley Mattie Stephenson 1873
Bradshaw, Wesley Maud of the Mississippi 1863
Bradshaw, Wesley Angel Agnes, or, The heroine of the Yellow Fever Plague in Shreveport … 1873
Bradshaw, Wesley Pauline of the Potomac, or, General McClellan’s spy 1862
Bradshaw, Wesley The angel of the battle-field 1865
Bradshaw, Wesley The picket slayer 1863
Bradshaw, Wesley Brigham Young’s daughter 1870
Bradshaw, Wesley Poor Lizzie Lee 1872
Bradshaw, Wesley Carrie Clancy 1873
Bradshaw, Wesley Washington’s vision 1864
Brady, James T. A Christmas dream 1860
Brady, James T. A Christmas dream 1860
Braganza. Tekel, or Cora Glencoe 1870
Brandon, Curris. David Woodburn, the mountain missionary 1865
Brewster, Anne M. H. St. Martin’s summer 1866
Bridges, James. The collier’s tale 1853
Brierwood, Frank. Mabel Clifton 1869
Bright, A. M. The three Bernices, or, Ansermo of the Crag 1869
Brinton, Bulah Man is love 1873
Bristed, Charles Astor The upper ten thousand 1852
Brittan, Harriette G. Shoshie 1873
Brooks, Alice Day dreams 1874
Brotherhead, Alfred P. Himself his worst enemy, or, Philip Duke of Wharton’s career 1871
Brougham, John A basket of chips 1855
Brougham, John The Bunsby papers. 1856
Brougham, John The light of home 1868
Brown, David The planter, or, Thirteen years in the South 1853
Brown, E. E. From night to light 1872
Brown, Nathan ZYX and his fairy, or, The soul in search of peace 1867
Brown, Nathan The history of Magnus Maharba and the Black Dragon 1867
Brown, Thurlow W. Minnie Hermon, the rumseller’s daughter, or, Woman in the temperance reform 1874
Brown, Thurlow W. Why I am a temperance man 1853
Brown, William Wells Clotelle 1864
Brown, William Wells Clotelle, or, The colored heroine 1867
Browne, J. Ross An American family in Germany 1866
Browne, J. Ross Yusef, or, The journey of the Frangi 1853
Browne, Martha Griffith Autobiography of a female slave 1857
Browning, Meshach Forty-four years of the life of a hunter 1859
Brownjohn, Bellamy. The Grecian bend 1868
Brownjohn, Bellamy. No throughfare 1868
Brownson, Orestes Augustus The spirit-rapper 1854
Bruce, E. M. A thousand a year 1866
Buckingham, Emma May. A self-made woman, or, Mary Idyl’s trials and triumphs 1873
Buckingham, Henry A. Harry Burnham, the young Continental, or, Memoirs of an American officer during the campaigns of the Revolution, and sometime a member of Washington’s staff 1851
Buckley, Maria L. Amanda Willson, or, The vicissitudes of life 1856
Buckley, Maria L. Edith Moreton, or, Temperance versus intemperance 1852
Bulfinch, S. G. Honor, or, The slave-dealer’s daughter 1864
Bullard, A. T. J. Love affairs in our village twenty years ago 1852
Bullard, A. T. J. Matrimony, or, Love affairs in our village twenty years ago 1853
Bullard, Laura Curtis. Christine, or, Woman’s trials and triumphs 1856
Bullard, Laura Curtis. Now-a-days! 1854
Bunce, Oliver Bell Bensley, a story of to-day 1863
Bunce, Oliver Bell Life before him 1860
Bunce, Oliver Bell A bachelor’s story 1859
Bunkley, Josephine M. The testimony of an escaped novice from the Sisterhood of St. Joseph, Emmettsburg, Maryland 1855
Buntline, Ned English Tom, or, The smuggler’s secret 1858
Buntline, Ned The last of the buccaneers 1856
Buntline, Ned Magdalena, the outcast, or, The millionaire’s daughter 1866
Buntline, Ned Mermet Ben, or, The astrologer king 1865
Buntline, Ned Agnes, or, The beautiful milliner 1874
Buntline, Ned The white cruiser, or, The fate of the unheard-of 1853
Buntline, Ned The convict, or, The conspirators’ victim 1863
Buntline, Ned The white wizard, or, The great prophet of the Seminoles 1858
Buntline, Ned Ella Adams, or, The demon of fire 1862
Burckett, Florence. Wildmoor 1875
Burdett, Charles The second marriage, or, A daughter’s trials 1856
Burdett, Charles Three per cent. a month, or, The perils of fast living 1856
Burdett, Charles Dora Barton, the banker’s ward 1860
Burdett, Charles Margaret Moncrieffe 1860
Burnham, Geo. P. The history of the hen fever 1855
Burnham, Geo. P. A hundred thousand dollars in gold 1875
Burnham, Geo. P. The rag-picker, or, Bound and free 1855
Burns, William. Female life in New York City 1875
Burton, H. S. (Henry S.), Mrs. Who would have thought it? 1872
Burts, Robert The sea-king 1851
Burwell, William M. White Acre vs. Black Acre 1856
Bushnell, William H. The pearl of Panama; or, The Spaniard’s vengence 1867
Bushnell, William H. Prairie fire! 1854
Butt, Martha Haines Antifanaticism 1853
Butt, Martha Haines The leisure moments of Miss Martha Haines Butt, A.M. 1860
Buz. Dolby and father 1868
Byrn, M. Lafayette The life and adventures of an Arkansaw doctor 1851
Byrn, M. Lafayette The adventures of Fudge Fumble, or, The love scrapes of his whole life 1865
Byrn, M. Lafayette Rattlehead’s chronicles, or, A little experience with old maids and young maids, old bachelors, fools, and drunkards, quack doctors, men of science and the world at large 1852
Byrn, M. Lafayette Rattlehead’s travels, or, The recollections of a backwoods man that has travelled many thousand miles on the highway of human destiny, brought about a revolution in domestic happiness, and effected a general shake-up of creation 1852
C. L. M. Ebon and gold 1874
Cabell, Julia Mayo. An odd volume of facts and fictions 1852
Caffrey, Andrew. The adventures of a lodger 1868
Caldcleugh, W. G. Eastern tales 1863
Caldwell, John H. The mysterious messenger 1860
Caldwell, John H. The Thurstons of the old Palmetto State, or, Varieties of Southern life 1861
Cambridge, William G. The mechanic’s bride, or, The autobiography of Elwood Gorden 1857
Cambridge, William G. Glenwood, or, The parish boy 1855
Cambridge, William G. Henri, or, The web and woof of life 1853
Campbell, Jane C. The money-maker 1854
Campbell, Juliet H. L. Eros and anteros, or, The bachelor’s ward 1857
Cannon, Charles James Ravellings from the web of life 1855
Cannon, Charles James Tighe Lyfford 1859
Cannon, Susan. Maidee, the alchemist, or, Turning all to gold 1871
Capron, Carrie. Helen Lincoln 1856
Captain Le Diable. Historical sketch of the third annual conquest of Florida 1864
Carpenter, W. H. The regicide’s daughter 1851
Carter, John Henton. The log of Commodore Rollingpin 1874
Cary, Alice Pictures of country life 1859
Cary, Alice The bishop’s son 1867
Cary, Alice Clovernook, or, Recollections of our neighborhood in the West 1852
Cary, Alice Clovernook, or, Recollections of our neighborhood in the West. 1853
Cary, Alice Hagar 1852
Cary, Alice Married, not mated, or, How they lived at Woodside and Throckmorton Hall 1856
Cary, Alice The adopted daughter 1859
Casseday, Davis B. The Hortons, or, American life at home 1866
Cassidy, Patrick Sarsfield Glenveigh, or, The victim of vengeance 1870
Catherwood, Mary Hartwell A woman in armor 1875
Challen, James. Frank Elliott, or, Wells in the desert 1859
Chamberlain, Charles. Put to the test 1874
Chamberlain, Charles. The servant-girl of the period the greatest plague of life 1873
Chandler, Joseph R. The Beverly family, or, Home influence of religion 1875
Chanter, Washington. The Nautch girl 1868
Chapin, Gardner B. Tales of the St. Lawrence 1873
Chaplin, Jane Dunbar Out of the wilderness 1870
Chaplin, Jane Dunbar The convent and the manse 1853
Cheever, Henry P. A reel in a bottle, for Jack in the doldrums; being the adventures of two of the King’s seamen in a voyage to the celestial country 1852
Cheever, Henry P. The rival brothers, or, The corsair and privateer 1852
Chellis, Mary Dwinell. Deacon Sims’ prayers 1868
Chellis, Mary Dwinell. Father Merrill 1872
Chellis, Mary Dwinell. The hermit of Holcombe 1871
Chellis, Mary Dwinell. Mark Dunning’s enemy 1870
Chellis, Mary Dwinell. At lion’s mouth 1872
Chellis, Mary Dwinell. Out of the fire 1869
Chellis, Mary Dwinell. Aunt Dinah’s pledge 1869
Chellis, Mary Dwinell. The temperance doctor 1868
Chellis, Mary Dwinell. Bill Drock’s investment 1869
Chellis, Mary Dwinell. Wealth and wine 1874
Cher, Henry W. B. Gnaw-wood, or, New England life in a village 1868
Chesebro’, Caroline Isa 1852
Chesebro’, Caroline Peter Carradine, or, The martindale pastoral 1863
Chesebro’, Caroline The children of light 1853
Chesebro’, Caroline Philly and Kit, or, Life and raiment 1856
Chesebro’, Caroline Dream-land by daylight 1851
Chesebro’, Caroline Victoria, or, The world overcome 1856
Chesebro’, Caroline The foe in the household 1871
Chesebro’, Caroline Susan, the fisherman’s daughter, or, Getting along, vol. 1 1855
Chesebro’, Caroline Susan, the fisherman’s daughter, or, Getting along, vol. 2 1855
Child, Lydia Maria Francis Autumnal leaves 1857
Child, Lydia Maria Francis A romance of the republic 1867
Chinquopin. George Denny, or, Sketches of life in the far West 1856
Choat, J. F. George Welding, or, Crime and its consequences 1859
Church, Ella Rodman Flights of fancy 1853
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Newell, R. H. Avery Gliburn, or, Between two fires 1867
Newell, R. H. The cloven foot 1870
Newell, R. H. Smoked glass 1868
Newell, R. H. The walking doll, or, the Asters and disasters of society 1872
One of her descendants. Edith, or, The Quaker’s daughter 1856
Optic, Oliver Hatchie, the guardian slave, or, The heiress of Bellevue 1853
Optic, Oliver In doors and out, or, Views from the chimney corner 1854
Optic, Oliver The way of the world 1867
Owen, Robert Dale Beyond the breakers 1870
P., M. C. Miriam Rivers, the lady soldier, or, General Grant’s spy 1865
Page, J. W. Uncle Robin in his cabin in Virginia and Tom without one in Boston 1853
Paradox, Peter. The Paradox papers 1873
Parker, Helen F. Sunrise and sunset 1854
Parker, J. M. (Jane Marsh), Mrs. Barley Wood, or, Building on the rock 1860
Parkman, Francis Vassall Morton 1856
Peck, William H. The Confederate flag on the ocean 1868
Peck, William H. The conspirators of New Orleans, or, The night of the battle 1863
Peppergrass, Paul Mary Lee, or, The Yankee in Ireland 1860
Peppergrass, Paul The spaewife, or, The queen’s secret 1853
Peterson, Charles J. The cabin and parlor, or, Slaves and masters 1852
Peterson, Charles J. Kate Aylesford 1855
Philalethes Justo Ucundono 1854
Place, Edward R. The commotion in Moontown 1874
Pleasants, Julia Callamura 1868
Rapler, Rob. The hermit of Aleova, or, The shepherd girl’s triumph 1857
Ravenswood. Edmund Dawn, or, Ever forgive 1873
Rush, Caroline E. Way-marks in the life of a wanderer 1855
Sedgwick, Catharine Maria A New England tale 1852
Shelton-MacKenzie, Adelheid. Aureola, or, The black sheep 1871
Shelton-MacKenzie, Adelheid. Married against reason 1869
Siogvolk, Paul Walter Ashwood 1860
Skinner, Mose Mose Skinner’s bridal tour, and other sketches 1871
Skinner, Mose Mose Skinner’s great world’s jubilee and humstrum convulsion 1872
Skinner, Mose Mose Skinner’s silver wedding 1873
Skinner, Mose Our great peace festival and pow-wow 1869
Skinner, Mose Recollections of a lazy life 1869
Smith, F. Irene Burge The bishop and Nanette 1873
Smith, F. Irene Burge Asleep 1871
Smith, W. L. G. Life at the South, or, \Uncle Tom’s cabin\ as it is 1852
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte The spectre lover 1875
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Fair play, or, The test of the Lone Isle 1868
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Tried for her life 1871
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte The family doom, or, The sin of a countess 1869
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Virginia and Magdalene, or, The fostersisters 1852
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte The fatal marriage 1863
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Vivia, or, The secret of power 1875
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte A noble lord 1872
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte The widow’s son 1867
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Old neighbourhoods and new settlements, or, Christmas evening legends 1853
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte The discarded daughter, or, The children of the isle, vol. 1 1852
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte The Prince of Darkness 1869
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte The discarded daughter, or, The children of the isle, vol. 2 1852
Stephens, Ann S. Phemie Frost’s experiences 1874
Stephens, Ann S. Married in haste 1870
Stephens, Ann S. The curse of gold 1869
Stephens, Ann S. The reigning belle 1872
Stephens, Ann S. Mary Derwent 1858
Stephens, Ann S. Doubly false 1868
Stephens, Ann S. The rejected wife 1863
Stephens, Ann S. A noble woman 1871
Stephens, Ann S. Fashion and famine 1854
Stephens, Ann S. Silent struggles 1865
Stephens, Ann S. The old countess, or, The two proposals 1873
Stephens, Ann S. The gold brick 1866
Stephens, Ann S. The soldier’s orphans 1866
Stephens, Ann S. The old homestead 1855
Stephens, Ann S. Lord Hope’s choice 1873
Stephens, Ann S. The wife’s secret 1864
Stephens, Ann S. Bellehood and bondage 1873
Stephens, Ann S. Palaces and prisons 1871
Stephens, Ann S. Mabel’s mistake 1868
Stephens, Ann S. Bertha’s engagement 1875
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Oldtown fireside stories 1872
Stowe, Harriet Beecher The Chimney-corner 1868
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom’s cabin, or, Life among the lowly, vol. 2 1852
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Oldtown folks 1869
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Dred, vol. 1 1856
Stowe, Harriet Beecher We and our neighbors, or, The records of an unfashionable street 1875
Stowe, Harriet Beecher The pearl of Orr’s Island 1862
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Dred, vol. 2 1856
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Pink and white tyranny 1871
Stowe, Harriet Beecher House and home papers 1865
Stowe, Harriet Beecher The two altars, or, Two pictures in one 1852
Stowe, Harriet Beecher The minister’s wooing 1859
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Sam’s emancipation 1853
Stowe, Harriet Beecher My wife and I, or, Harry Henderson’s history 1871
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Agnes of Sorrento 1862
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom’s cabin, or, Life among the lowly, vol. 1 1852
Thomas, Annie Lady Lorme’s stratagem 1865
Thompson, George Life and exploits of the noted criminal, Bristol Bill 1851
Thompson, George The outlaw, or, The felon’s fortunes 1851
Thompson, George The brazen star, or, The adventures of a New York M.P. 1853
Thompson, George Catharine and Clara, or, The double suicide 1854
Thompson, George The gay girls of New-York, or, Life on Broadway 1853
Thompson, George Harry Glindon, or, The man of many crimes 1854
Thorpe, Kamba Four-oaks 1867
Twain, Mark Roughing it 1872
Twain, Mark The celebrated jumping frog of Calaveras County 1867
Twain, Mark The gilded age 1873
Twain, Mark The innocents abroad, or, The new Pilgrim’s progress 1869
Twain, Mark Mark Twain’s (burlesque) autobiography and first romance 1871
Twain, Mark Mark Twain’s sketches 1874
Twain, Mark Mark Twain’s sketches, new and old 1875
Twain, Mark A book for an hour 1873
Victor, Metta Victoria Fuller Too true 1868
Victor, Metta Victoria Fuller Who was he? 1866
Victor, Metta Victoria Fuller The figure eight, or, The mystery of Meredith Place 1869
Victor, Metta Victoria Fuller Fresh leaves from western woods 1852
Victor, Metta Victoria Fuller Mormon wives 1856
Victor, Metta Victoria Fuller The senator’s son, or, the Maine law 1853
Victor, Verity Behind the scenes 1870
W. D. Ligan 1857
W. T. B. The Recluse of the Conewaga; or, The little valley of the blue spring 1853
Ward, Artemus Artemus Ward in London 1867
Ward, Artemus Artemus Ward’s panorama 1869
Ward, Artemus Sandwiches 1870
Ward, Artemus Artemus Ward 1862
Ward, Artemus Artemus Ward, his travels 1865
Wiley, Calvin Henderson Life in the South 1852
Williams, Henry Llewellyn Gay life in New-York, or, Fast men and grass widows 1866
Williams, Henry Llewellyn Joaquin, the Claude Duval of California, or, The marauder of the mines 1865
Williams, Henry Llewellyn Murty, the Rover, or, The Irish buccaneer 1868
Williams, Henry Llewellyn L’Africaine, or, The maid of Madagascar 1866
Williams, Henry Llewellyn Rip Van Winkle, or, The sleep of twenty years 1866
Williams, Henry Llewellyn Black-eyed beauty, or, One of the lost 1868
Williams, Henry Llewellyn The serf, or, Love levels all! 1873
Williams, Henry Llewellyn Bob Brierly, or, The ticket-of-leave man 1867
Williams, Henry Llewellyn The Fenian chief, or, The martyr of ’65 1865
Willis, Kate. Ambition 1856
Wilson, Harriet E. Our Nig, or, Sketches from the life of a free black in a two-story white house, North 1859
Wright, Edmund. Narrative of Edmund Wright 1864
Wright, Julia McNair Almost a priest 1870
Wright, Julia McNair The best fellow in the world 1871
Wright, Julia McNair How could he escape? 1870
[None] First quarrels and first discords in married life 1864
[None] Autumn leaves 1853
[None] Polly Peablossom’s wedding 1851
[None] Our homes 1856
[None] The mother’s rule, or, The right way and the wrong way 1856
[None] Words of cheer for the tempted, the toiling, and the sorrowing 1856
[None] Friends and neighbours, or, Two ways of living in the world 1856
[None] The wedding guest 1856

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