MorphAdorner Release

The first public release of MorphAdorner—version 0.9, released April 3, 2009—is now available. There’s full documentation, too. Congratulations and many thanks to Phil Burns – this is great news.

I discussed MorphAdorner as part of my series of posts on part-of-speech taggers a couple of months back, and will be using it for much of my upcoming work.

My understanding is that Phil intends to leave MorphAdorner mostly as-is for the time being, unless it’s taken up by another project; MONK has been funding current development, I think, and it (MONK) is winding down. Which reminds me: A public version of the MONK workbench, with a bevy of analytical tools and access to several thousand texts across four-plus centuries, should be available soon. Will post here when it’s up, though I’m not involved in making that happen.

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