Welcome to Work Product

So … what’s this blog about? Short answer:

  • Contemporary fiction, especially American
  • Literary and cultural theory
  • Digital humanities
  • Literary science studies

This is the material I study professionally. It’s an academic humanities blog.

I’m thinking of Work Product as a kind of research diary or lab notebook (give or take an actual lab) for my own work. So there will be posts about my current research, problems I’m working on (or having), sketches of new ideas, preliminary results, raw data, etc. There might occasionally be drafts of more formal work, but I doubt there’ll be much of that. Same for opinion pieces and popular outreach: Those are fine things, and I expect there will be a little bit of each here from time to time, but they’re not the main point.

The purpose is two-fold. One, I’m thinking that by forcing myself to write up my ongoing work, even informally, I’ll move through it more quickly and effectively. Writing is thinking, usw. Two, I’m hoping to get occasional feedback from people who are working on similar material.

There’s more information about my background and interests on the About page, or you can browse the archives to see what I’m up to at the moment (or some past moment, as the case may be).

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll feel free to leave a comment or to drop me a line any time.

One thought on “Welcome to Work Product

  1. Professor Wilkens:

    I was browsing the University Seminars, and I am super excited for your class! Heart of Darkness is one of my favorite novels, and I can’t wait to analyze it and the other viewpoints. Would we be looking at the Achebe viewpoint and other critiques such as that one? If so, I am thrilled!

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