HTRC UnCamp Keynote

I’m giving a keynote address at the upcoming HathiTrust Research Center UnCamp (September 8-9 at UIUC). My talk aside, the event looks really cool. I attended last year and learned a lot about both the technical details of using the HTRC’s resources and the longer-range plans of the center. Highly recommended if you’re anywhere nearby (or even if you’re not).

There’s more information, including registration info, at the link above. Registration closes August 31. My talk is 8:30 am (central time) on Monday, September 9. Don’t know if it’ll be streamed or otherwise made available at some point. I’ll be talking about the newest results from the literary geography and demographics work, including some full-on statistical modeling of the relationships between geographic attention and multiple socioeconomic variables. Which reminds me that I should put at least some of the prettier pictures up on the blog sometime …

[Update: Abstracts and slides for my talk and for Christopher Warren’s (on the “Six Degrees of Francis Bacon” project) are now available at the conference site linked above.]

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