A Wee Debate in Post45 Contemporaries

Earlier this year, Andy Hoberek published a piece of mine called “Contemporary Fiction by the Numbers” in his Contemporaries section of Post45. There’s now a response up from Jeremy Rosen and a reply from me. The substance of the thing concerns the best uses of computational methods in literary and cultural studies.

Mostly, though, it’s good to have another excuse to link to Post45 in general and Contemporaries in particular. They’re on my own required reading list.

One thought on “A Wee Debate in Post45 Contemporaries

  1. Extremely loud and incredibly close is now a movie! What are your predictions? I know that was a very general question so take it where you will, I’m just interested to hear your thoughts. I’m finding that a ton of books on your required reading from your stay at Rice U have been popping up everywhere; your class has been the gift that keeps on giving

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