I have a new piece, “Contemporary Fiction by the Numbers,” in the inaugural batch of essays at Post45 Contemporaries. My article is a primer on quantitative methods for literary studies, along with a brief for their significance. Not much that I haven’t said before, but it pulls together a few DH-and-lit ideas and a set of examples in one place.

More important, though, is the existence of Post45. Post45 is a bunch of things: an Americanist working group, a book series (with Stanford UP), a conference, an online journal (which will soon begin publishing regular peer-reviewed articles), and—through its Contemporaries section, edited by Andy Hoberek—a cross between the Partisan Review, NYRB, and an especially smart blog devoted to “actively intervening in current tastes.”

I’m really happy to have an essay in the launch edition of the site, but I’m even happier that the whole project exists.

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