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I came across an interesting summary of books translated in 2009 hosted on the blog “Three Percent” at the U of R (w00t!). A resource new to me.

Headline numbers: 348 total new, first-time translations of fiction and poetry into English published in the U.S. this year. The blog reports that translations make up around 3% of the total publications in the States, and only about 0.7% of literary titles. Not much information on methodology that I could see (on a very cursory look), but I assume the list comes from Books in Print or similar. In any case, I’m grateful to have an answer to one of the questions that’s been on my to-do list for a while.

Next question: How do these numbers compare to those for other countries and to the size of various publishing markets? If a country has a large domestic literary market, do more of its books (proportionately speaking) make it into U.S. translation?

2 thoughts on “Translation Numbers

  1. I am from the country India. I have to do one presentation on publishing so I was looking some data which i haven’t got so far. After seeing your site I feel I may get rplies to my following points.

    1 How many total publishers are world wide?
    2 How many total titles printed in 2009-10 world wide?
    3 How many publishers are in India?
    4 How many tiles printed in India in 2009-10?
    5 what is the growth of publishers world wide and what was in compare to last year?
    6 What is the growth of publishers in India, and what was in compare to last year?
    7 How many main publishers are in India and what % of share they hold against the total publishers?
    8 What you see in terms og growth of Publishers world wide in 2020?
    9 What growth is expected in India by 2020?
    10What is the paper consumption trend in coated, Uncoated Hi bright segment world vs India ?

    Analysis/Snap Shot of Publishing World Vs India 2009-10 and Expected picture in 2020


    • I’d love to know the answers to all of these questions, but alas! I know none of them. I’d be particularly interested in the size of the overall and English-language book markets in India, as well as the percentage of domestic vs. international titles in English.

      Is there an analogue of Bowker in India, i.e., a company or agency responsible for ISBN registrations? That’s where I got my numbers for the U.S.

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